School "turnarounds" are an effective method of improving educational outcomes

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For[edit | edit source]

  • "Using school-level data from California, Dee (2012) estimates that SIG had significant positive effects on a school’s Academic Performance Index, or API score—a composite measure of school performance calculated annually by the California Department of Education—in its first year of implementation, with the bulk of the gains concentrated in schools that chose to implement the Turnaround model of improvement"[1][2]

Against[edit | edit source]

  • A study of SIG grants using data from Texas schools finds mixed results in the first year of implementation including negative impacts on student achievement in elementary and middle school, and positive effects on high school graduation rates. (The Texas schools in the study mostly used the "transformation" model, not the "turnaround" model, which additionally requires replacing at least 50 percent of school staff.)[1]

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