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Hello world!

I'm an administrator at Wikiclaim. If there are any technical issues, or if you have any questions at all, feel welcome to leave me a note!

Todos[edit | edit source]

For my draft pages, see: User:Devinplatt/Drafts

For some other notes, see: User:Devinplatt/Projects

For some sources I'd like to extract information from: User:Devinplatt/Sources

See also: Wikiclaim:Claim Ideas

I'm starting to wonder if the subsections below should be turned into maintenance categories?

New Portals[edit | edit source]

Suggested Claims[edit | edit source]

Claims that need rewording[edit | edit source]

Pages with red links[edit | edit source]

Pages with incomplete bullets[edit | edit source]

Pages that need more citation context/info in bullets[edit | edit source]

Pages that just need some love[edit | edit source]