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Here are a few different ways you can go about getting started making pages on Wikiclaim.

Quick Start[edit source]

See Wikiclaim:Claim Ideas.

See also User:Devinplatt/Sources for some ideas for sources.

Claims[edit source]

If you have a claim in mind, there are several things you can do

  • You can add a link to that claim in another page. When other people see the redlink, they'll know that the page needs to be started!
  • You can create a stub page for that claim. It's best to give it at least one category and try link to it from other pages, so other people can find your stub.
  • You can also look up your claim on the web and try to find reliable sources discussing it. When you find sources, you can add them to a page on Wikiclaim.

Sources[edit source]

One way to start is to identify a source that probably has some claims to add to the wiki. If it's a reliable source, you can use it as a reference. Otherwise, you can still use it to find claims which you will need to find reliable sources for. Wikipedia is a great place to find claims because many already have reliable inline citations!

If you find a source you think has some useful info, you can

  • Add that source to the talk page of a relevant category or claim, suggesting that others take a look.
  • Add that source as a For or Against bullet point on an existing claim.
  • Create a new claim (or claims!) with this source as evidence For it.

How to Find a Source?[edit source]

  • See User:Devinplatt/Sources for some ideas for sources.
  • Start with a Wikipedia page for a topic you're interested in, and take sources from there.
  • Start with a claim, and search Google for sources related to that claim.
  • Use suggested sources from talk pages.
  • When you encounter a good source in the course of doing other things outside of Wikiclaim, take note for later.

Redlinks[edit source]

If you see a redlink on Wikiclaim, that's an invitation to start a page!

You can find lists of redlinks at Special:WantedPages and Special:WantedCategories.

TODO: update templates so that they don't pollute WantedPages. Or Devin needs to add this extension to the wiki: