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Pages in Wikiclaim each represent a distinct claim. They contain:

  • The text of the claim, as the title of the page.
  • Evidence for the claim.
  • Evidence against the claim.
  • A "See Also" section to provide further context if necessary.

For what content belongs in Wikiclaim, see What belongs in Wikiclaim?

Page Title

The title of a page is the claim itself.

Ideally a claim's wording should not change dramatically over time, but we should be flexible to change wording when appropriate. For more guidance see How to word a claim.

An example of a page: Vaccine injuries are rare.

Evidence: For/Against

Each page has evidence for or against a claim laid out as bullet points. For and Against are each sections. The evidence may point to an external citation, or may point to another claim internal to the wiki.

See Also

A See Also section allows for context when needed. This is important, because without context, a true statement can be misleading. However, a long-form article format could expose itself to increasingly divergent interpretation, so like the For/Against sections we simply provide context in the form of bullet-pointed links.


Page Template

We provide a template for how pages should be formatted, in wikitext. The format is the same if you use the VisualEditor: section titles using the "Heading" paragraph formatting ("==" in wikitext). The only required section is the "For" section (if you only have an against section perhaps you should reword your claim!)

== For ==
* <ref>A citation</ref>
* [[A claim]]

== Against ==
* [[Another claim]]
* <ref>Another citation</ref>

== See Also ==
* [[A fourth claim]]
* External reference to a Wikipedia page.

== Citations ==

[[Category:Your category here]]

Although Wikiclaim uses the Mediawiki software which allows for free-flowing text, we prefer to keep our pages fairly concise. If you find large blocks of text, consider breaking them into separate claims and linking to them.

Citaitons Boiler Plate

A web citation uses wiki text like below:

<ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=|quote= }}</ref>

See Wikipedia for more information on citation templates, and how to cite sources and MediaWiki on citations.