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Because the concept of Wikiclaim is obviously prone to nonconstructive and/or biased edits, all content written on Wikiclaim must be in a neutral point of view (a principle borrowed from Wikipedia, abbreviated sometimes as NPOV). This means that any edit made to a claim must be unbiased and factual with a citation from a reliable source.

Examples[edit source]

Wikiclaim covers controversial subjects. In editing those pages, try not to speak of your opinion, but speak of someone else's without editorial bias.

The following are some examples of do's and dont's in editing.


Let's say that someone wants to edit a claim on a controversial subject. They add their reasoning into the "For" or "Against" section with a reliable source.

  • Do give a reliable source to support your claim. This is the only explanation needed to support your claim. If you provide no citation or one from an unreliable source, your edit will almost certainly be reverted.
  • Do be unbiased in editing. Try not to add your own information in the article. As stated, the only thing you need to support your statement as to why you are for or against a claim is your source.


  • Don't create a page unless it's about a subject that a majority of people have claimed. If it's just something you think, there will be no links to add to a "See also" section, and the page may possibly contain original research.
  • Don't be biased in editing. Wikiclaim is not a place for you to share your thoughts on a subject.

See also[edit source]

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